Population Densities in Paris

Population Densities in Paris
April 29, 2015

Since I didn’t have anything for you on the weekend, here is some data I compiled a long time ago of population densities in the City of Paris. As you can see, the Traditional City format of Narrow Streets for People and buildings typically no higher than 6 stories or so can reach population densities in excess of 100,000 people per square mile, which is really high enough for anything. There’s no particular award or benefit from going higher than that.

Looking at data on this neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis can be a little misleading. Some districts probably have lowish density because they have a lot of commercial uses, or perhaps things like large parks. Residential districts can thus be entirely residential, while people commute elsewhere to work. But, nevertheless, you can find a high-density neighborhood and go there today, and see what it looks like. Maybe you could learn something from that.

Data in .pdf. Click below:

Population densities in Paris